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Cute Cube Concept Needs To Become A Reality

Cute Cube Concept Needs To Become A Reality

Cute Cube Power Bar Concept (Image courtesy Red Dot Design Awards)
By Andrew Liszewski

Traveling with a compact power bar of some sort is a necessity these days, which is why I sincerely hope this Cute Cube power adapter concept becomes a reality, and soon! Designed by Zhang Xi, Wang Hui, Miao Yingying, Zhou Xing and Cai Yun and winner of a most deserved Red Dot Design Award, the Cute Cube is nothing more than your run-of-the-mill power bar, but in a vastly improved package.

First of all the compact cube shape makes it easy to carry in a laptop bag or suitcase, but it also ensures the sockets aren’t sitting next to each other, which can be problematic if you’ve got a large transformer plugged in that blocks other outlets. And if you do run into an issue because of the size of the plug you’re using or the orientation of its cord, each of the sockets on the Cute Cube can rotate to accommodate everything you need to plug in. Cute? Kind of. Brilliant? Absolutely.

[ Red Dot Design Awards – Cute Cube ] VIA [ I New Idea Homepage ]


2 responses to “Cute Cube Concept Needs To Become A Reality”

  1. Jessicat says:

    That would be helpful in my laptop bag, because carrying a power surge protector bar would be a bit much.

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