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[CES 2010] SuperTalent Ships First USB 3.0 Flash Drive (And It’s Fast!)

[CES 2010] SuperTalent Ships First USB 3.0 Flash Drive (And It’s Fast!)


By Chris Scott Barr

Over the last year or so, we’ve heard a lot of talk about USB 3.0. The new standard has the obvious advantage of speed over its earlier versions. While we’ve seen manufacturers release add-on cards and even motherboards equipped with these newer ports, there haven’t been a lot of drives that truly take advantage of the throughput that can be achieved. While walking the floor at CES, I came across one company that was showing off just such a product.

The new USB 3.0 RAIDDrive from SuperTalent is boasted as the first such drive to actually hit the market. Utilizing a pair of drives crammed into one case and setup with a RAID 0 configuration, this flash drive is by far the fastest I’ve ever seen. After the jump I’ve got a shot of the monitor on which they ran the CrystalDiskMark test. These numbers are in many areas higher than some of the SSD’s that I’ve benchmarked. With that sort of speed and capacities ranging from 32GB-128GB, it walks that line between oversized flash drive and undersized hard drive.


Of course with great capacity and speed also comes a hefty price tag. These were just released the day before the show and I’m currently unable to track down a solid MSRP. I’ll update the article once I have that info.

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