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[CES 2010] Live Photo Slide Show

By Evan Ackerman

Thanks to Eye-Fi and Novatel’s MiFi, we’re going to be trying out a live photo stream here on OhGizmo. As we’re walking around the show floor, we’ll be taking pictures, which are getting saved to Eye-Fi cards. The MiFi is a portable 3G router, and the Eye-Fi cards should (should!) be uploading pics through the MiFi to Flickr as soon as we take them (remember our review? It’s fast). Then, they’ll pop up here in the slide show.

We spend a lot (like, seriously, a lot) of time looking at stuff at CES, and we can’t write about all of it, so this gives you a chance to see what we’re seeing pretty much as we’re seeing it. Some of the stuff we’ll end up writing about, but if you have a question about a specific thing, just leave a comment and we can probably get you more info.

So, that’s the idea! If it doesn’t work (i.e. the pics don’t update to new ones), it’s probably because there are about 100,000 people here all trying to use 3G at the same time, not to mention the thousands of computers all spewing out wireless interference. Or, our router ran out of batteries. Also, remember that you’ll have to reload the page to see the newest stuff, since as far as I can tell the slide show doesn’t auto-update.

Oh, and special thanks to Eye-Fi and Novatel for making this sweet setup possible.