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Asus Announces Roomba Killer

Asus Announces Roomba Killer


When you think of a robotic vacuum cleaner, there’s a good chance that the Roomba comes to mind. That, or Rosie from the Jetsons. Well turn off those old cartoons because Asus (specifically their subsidiary AGAiT) is throwing their hat into the vacuum cleaning ring with the ECleaner.

The ECleaner looks very similar to the Roomba, but has a few tricks up its sleeve that the competition doesn’t. In addition to its vacuuming duties, it also has a 6000-hour UV light to disinfect the area that it is sweeping. If your room could use a little freshening up, it can also spread a fragrance of your choice wherever it goes. There still aren’t a lot of details currently, but we do know that they are shooting for a $150 price when the device makes its debut.

[ AGAiT ] VIA [ SlipperyBrick ]