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Aunt Clara’s Original Pink Bunny Pajamas

Aunt Clara’s Original Pink Bunny Pajamas

Aunt Clara's Original Pink Bunny Pajamas (Images courtesy Aunt Clara's Creations)
By Andrew Liszewski

I wouldn’t call it the perfect gift no matter who you’re giving it to, but if there’s someone on your shopping list who can’t get enough of A Christmas Story this time of year, you can now cross their name off. From Aunt Clara’s Creations comes the most authentic recreation of the pink nightmare Ralphie was forced to wear on Christmas morning.

The suits feature adjustable ears, matching pink bunny slippers and come “professionally packed and lovingly wrapped by Aunt Clara herself” so whoever you intend to give it to will realize you really do care. Of course since I’m posting this on December 24th there’s no way you’ll be able to get one in time for Christmas short of the jolly fat man delivering it himself tonight, but for future reference they’re available in small, medium and large sizes ranging in price from $89 to $129.

[ Aunt Clara’s Original Pink Bunny Pajamas ] VIA [ swissmiss ]