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Toaster Concept Takes Cues From A Printer

Toaster Concept Takes Cues From A Printer


By Chris Scott Barr

Your average toaster is a pretty basic kitchen gadget. Put in your toast, select the right setting and push down. As long as you’re making only two (or four depending on the toaster) slices, it does a rather efficient job. Now what if you’re making breakfast for a large group of people? Wouldn’t it be nice to setup a stack of bread and let it do its thing without worrying about it? That’s the idea behind this concept.

The creator obviously had a printer in mind when designing this particular toaster. You can set several pieces of bread at the top, and it will toast them one by one until they are all brown and crispy. Obviously there would need to be a few extra features added before this thing could be marketed to the public. For instance, it looks like there is no way to adjust for different sizes of breads and other toasted goods. Still it’s a cool concept, one that I wouldn’t mind seeing turned into a real product.

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