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Use The DSi’s Camera To Star In Your Own Mortal Kombat With Photo Fighter X

By Andrew Liszewski

I think everyone has a favorite character from Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter they’d play with more than others, but what makes Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X for the Nintendo DSi better than both of those titles is the fact that your favorite character could be you.

The DSiware title uses the DSi’s built-in camera to capture photos of you in various poses to build your character, as well as random objects that can be used as weapons or backdrops for your epic brawl. You can even do your own foley work creating custom sound effects for every action using the DSi’s built-in mic. Now since it’s a DSiware title that will cost just 200 points, don’t expect an in-depth game, but for originality it seems like a must-have. Just check out this amazing game play action if you have any doubts.

Photo Fighter X is available in Japan as of the 16th, and hopefully gamers in the US, Europe and elsewhere will eventually get their own localized version.

[ Fight With Photos: Photo Fighter X ] VIA [ andriasang ]