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Ford Sync Adds Wireless Hotspot Functionality Next Year

Ford Sync Adds Wireless Hotspot Functionality Next Year


By Chris Scott Barr

Having a 3G card can come in handy when one is traveling long distances. I know that mine came in handy this past summer when I drove across the country and back. Of course if you’re in a car with multiple people with laptops, wouldn’t it be nice to share that wonderful internet? Ford thinks so, and is planning on making that an option with their next generation of Sync.

With the next version of Sync, Ford will allow you to plug in a 3G card (via USB) and have it broadcast the signal via Wi-Fi. Since you won’t want outsiders leeching off of your connection, you’ll have access to the same security measures as any other wireless router. As an added level of security, all new wireless devices must first be confirmed by the driver before they are allowed on the network. Look for this feature to debut on Ford cars sometime next year.

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