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OSIM uCrown 2 Enables Your Crazy Head Massage Addiction

OSIM uCrown 2 Enables Your Crazy Head Massage Addiction


By Evan Ackerman

There must be something addicting about head massages. That’s the only thing that can explain the number of bizarre and expensive head massage gadgets. Like, it must be that if you get head massages too frequently, you start to crave them, and become willing to spend however much money and endure however much ridicule and social ostracization necessary to get your fix. The latest and arguably least weird way to give yourself a head massage comes courtesy of the OSIM uCrown 2 “soothing head massager with music,” which uses “a combination of patented air pressure technology, vibration massage, magnetic therapy, gentle heat and soothing music” to do whatever it is a good head massage does. It runs on AA batteries, meaning that you can wear it out of the house, but if you do, I would suggest that you find yourself an even more ridiculous looking hat to cover it up with. $200 from where else by Brookstone.

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