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Chariot Skates Combine Cycling And Skiing

Chariot Skates Combine Cycling And Skiing

Chariot Skates (Image courtesy Gear Junkie)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m pretty sure we aren’t born with wheels on our feet for a reason, but that hasn’t stopped man from ignoring that subtle safety hint and strapping all kinds of wheeled contraptions to his feet. And next up in the long line of inventions that look kind of fun, but maybe aren’t the best idea, are the Chariot Skates.

For lack of a better description, they look like a wheelchair that’s been split in two, and each half attaches to your lower legs and feet providing an inline-like skating experience that also feels a lot like skiing. The large wheels can accommodate riding on rougher terrain, and since the ‘skates’ are made of mostly carbon fiber, they only weigh about 5.5 pounds each. Right now the Chariot Skates appear to be in the final stages of design, and I hope the optional handbrake accessory mentioned on their site becomes a standard feature, but they should be available sometime in June if all goes well.

[ Chariot Skates ] VIA [ Gear Junkie ]