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Tangle Tronics DNA Speakers Aren’t Double Helices

Tangle Tronics DNA Speakers Aren’t Double Helices


By Evan Ackerman

As a matter of form, it is necessary for me to object on scientific grounds to these speakers being called “DNA” speakers. DNA is a double helix, not just two wiggly polymer strands… I mean, I guess it’s possible that these speakers are DNA after a helicase enzyme has zipped through and broken all of the hydrogen bonds, but if that’s the case, then it really should have said so on the box.

Oh, wait. DNA stands for Dynamic Neural Audio? Never mind then. ‘Course, I can’t tell you what “Dynamic Neural Audio” means either, but I can tell you that these speakers are bendy, powered by USB or AC or batteries, come with an integrated volume control, and cost $40.

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