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Gun Shape Baby Carriage Suddenly Makes Having A Baby Look Interesting


By David Ponce

Though we don’t often cover art on OhGizmo!, we can’t pass up the opportunity to show you the work of Shi Jinsong, currently on display as part of the “China – Contemporary Revival” exhibition at the Palazo Reale in Milan, Italy. The one piece that we’re lusting after is this badass baby carriage.

We think the picture pretty much speaks for itself so no further description is necessary. Suffice it to say this is a one-off piece of art and is likely priced in accordance. Meaning you can’t get one…

But you can hit the jump for a couple more pictures.



VIA [ DesignBoom ]

  • Vadym Zakrevskyy

    love it!! a must-have!

  • Jessicat

    Where do you buy them, I'd want one, but with an ammo box on the back so I could store the babies things. That is so cool!

  • mcman

    The Sopranos baby carriage. A gift to an expectant mother in NJ.

  • facebook-1212431002

    I need one of these!!

  • facebook-1212431002

    I need one of these!!