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Tegu Improves Wooden Building Blocks With Magnets

Tegu Improves Wooden Building Blocks With Magnets

Tegu Wooden Building Blocks (Images courtesy Tegu)
By Andrew Liszewski

Before today I wouldn’t have thought there was any way a classic set of wooden building blocks could be improved. But these Tegu sets, which feature magnets hidden inside each block, are simply genius! No longer will castles or fortresses be easily demolished by the forces of gravity, and the fact that the blocks aren’t all cubes and can stick together allows a child to build more complex creations like animals, robots and I guess whatever their imagination conjures up.

At the moment there are 3 Tegu block sets available including the ‘Starter Set‘ which comes with 26 blocks in 3 shapes (cubes and long & short planks) for $50, the ‘Original Set‘ which comes with 52 blocks in 4 shapes (it adds jumbo planks) for $85 and a ‘Limited Edition Mahogany Set‘ version of the latter for $125. I’d say they’d make an awesome Christmas present for a lucky young’n, but I’m pretty tempted to order a set just for myself!

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