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OhGizmo! Quick Review: The LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 – Updated: Win One!

OhGizmo! Quick Review: The LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 – Updated: Win One!


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

Update: Well now you can win your very own LG Chocolate Touch! To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post about your very first phone. Or Tweet out a message containing the URL of this blog post as well as the hashtag #VX8575. Sadly this is US only. Full set of rules: here.


By David Ponce

Verizon has recently made available the most recent incarnation of the LG Chocolate line of phones in the LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 . Like the previous generations, the Chocolate Touch has an emphasis on music, though it’s an altogether pretty rounded out phone.

Out of the box, the device seems slim and light, though not of any dimensions we haven’t seen before. The screen is a bright 3 inches with WQVGA resolution and support for 262k colors. It comes 1GB of internal music memory, though it’s expandable up to 16GB through MicroSD cards. Rounding out the main specs, you have a 3.2MP digicam, 3.5mm audio jack and a “Patented Dolby Mobile music system”.

The music features definitely stand out.

Not only is the music quality superb but the player is well designed; tracks are arranged in a logical manner and easily accessible commands allow you to control your music intuitively. Additionally you’ve got a couple of features I hadn’t come across before: “Rhythmical Beat” and “Join the band”. The former vibrates the handset to the beat of your music and works quite well. The latter opens up a screen with access to a set of drums and a sliding keyboard so you can add your own track to the music. Not all that useful, sure, but a fun music-centered way to spend a few minutes fooling around with your tracks.

The device is $79.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and two-year customer agreement.

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  • deastris

    My first cellphone was the last I had that was just a phone. Good thing those days are over.

  • chilepepper

    I bought my first cell phone while on the way to my buddies house. I called him to ask if I should order and pick up pizza on the way. She didn't answer, so I left a voice message telling her I got a cell phone and that I was hungry so I'd be picking up pizza, and blah blah blah. Of course, in keeping with my luck, a deer ran out in front of me while I was talking on the cell phone and driving. Luckily I was able to avoid significant damage to my car and injury to the deer AND I left a hilarious message.

  • Xelgahv

    I still have my first cell phone. and it fails me all the time. Like Starscream Failing Megatron. and he gets away with it over and over

  • franco1975

    My first phone was an Ericsson ( before it became Sony Ericsson). I was the coolest kid in school for having a mobile phone. Sadly someone beat me up after school and stole it.

  • jonnichols

    I think my first cell phone was actually an old LG flip phone that I LOVED until the wires in the flip mechanism started to go bad and the speaker cut out. Otherwise I basically used it until it died.

  • sampleinajar

    My first phone was a Panasonic it was awesome because the screen color could be changed from green to orange.

  • vluke

    My first phone was an iPhone 3GS. It mostly does what I want. I just can't hear it ringing most of the time.

  • EspritOuvert

    My first phone was this small brick that worked fine, but was rather embarassing to take out as I had it for over 5 years.

  • Vadym Zakrevskyy

    con i have one please?

  • artiloop

    My first phone was a tiny Nokia from BouygesTel in France in 2000. It was fantastic: made calls, sent texts, and played a high-pitched MIDI rendition of Toccata and Fugue so obnoxious it made up for the lack of a vibrate feature. It also only cost about $20, plus service which was also piss cheap.

  • mcman

    My first phone was a Bell Rotary Phone. It was Yellow and hung on the wall. We rented it from the phone company for 25 cents a month (later raised to 50 cents, can you believe it?) It was about the size of a small breadbox and the cord was really stretchy and long.

    Long distance calls were verboten unless pre-approved by my Father. He was the King of a small third world country.

  • x24

    My first cellphone was the Bosch 908. Very different compared to all the Nokias everyone had at the time. If I still have it today, and I wasn't on Verizon, I'd use it again.

  • jasonbisterfeldt

    My first cellphone had a green backlight for the screen. Sad. I would still trade my current phone back for it.

  • firerock

    My first phone was Nokie 6180 w/ their color changing faceplate. Good old time…

  • meatlover

    True story, and a funny coincidence to this post. My first cell phone had to be retired about 7 years ago when I left some Hershey's kisses in my pocket which melted and ended up smothering the bottom portion of my cell phone… including the mic which meant no could hear me any more. So, I might be the first one ever to own a chocolate cell phone.

  • Anonymous

    My first cell phone was the Motorola StarTac. I had it rush shipped to my desk at work. The company owner happened to walk by as I was opening the box and he just could not get over how small the StarTac was. He and all my coworkers were using these jumbo brick cell phones and they just kept drooling over the “high-techness” of my new Motorola. Its a good feeling being the alpha geek.

  • Anonymous

    the mighty motorola 550!

  • javajini

    My first phone was a Motorola. My pocket was always dialing it. It didn't play music and only had 2 built in games. But I loved it.

  • Jessicat

    My first phone was a phone with open face. I would butt/purse dial everyone all the time. That is why I use flip phones now. I haven't had a new phone in about 2 years, time for an upgrade right?

    At least none of my phones looked like this:

  • Anonymous

    My first cell phone was a slightly smaller version than the “brick” that Zach Morris used on “Saved by the Bell” all those years…I don’t even remember who made it (or if it was even a brand name phone?) Didn’t really like it that much…I’m currently using an LG enV3 cell (it was between that or the choclate, but the enV3 won due to the price), but it’s always nice to have an extra phone laying around (or to sell on eBay!!!)

  • gilamonster

    My first phone was a wonderful, simple little blue cellphone.
    I was in Brazil, and needed a cheap way to contact my friends and family there.

    I still smile at the memory of that phone. It didn't have a long term contract, you just bought phone cards to recharge your account, so I had just what I needed and no more.

    I was kind of an idiot-I'd let myself get caught in a crazy Amazon rainstorm on my bike, and then I'd run home, jerk the battery out, and put the phone in front of a 100 watt light bulb in desiccant. Despite the abuse and thorough soaking, the phone worked as well as ever, although there was water trapped between the LCD screen and the plastic shield.

    I wish I had a picture of it. It was not fancy, not expensive, just really small and light and aesthetically designed.

    It just worked.

  • Phlow

    My very first phone was a sprint brick

  • dubzilla

    My first Phone was a Motorola Micro Tac. I had in in high school and needless to say it was not easy to hide in jeans. But hey it was cool to say oh yeah thats my cell phone. Didn't matter that it really didn't work very well.

  • facebook-1661092222

    After my dog chewing up my old phone, I could definitely use one of these. I could see my fiance having a lot of fun with the “Join the band” feature since he's a musician.

  • AK210

    My 1st was an Ericsson andit even had a flip cover over the keys! I could even send texts with that thing, dig that technology!
    Yeah, it was before Sony took over that dept.

  • Brent Baker

    My first phone was a Motorola StarTac. Still have in in a junk drawer somewhere, minus the battery.

  • bjurstrom33

    my first phone was an lg vx8300. it was i nice phone for what i used it for. but then it got really old really fast. the speakers blew out and the front screen cracked. it is still my phone,and i hate it with a passion.
    the back is missing because i've dropped it so much.
    i can open it up and see the circut board.
    its basically a piece of crap now.but hey its a phone and it works (sometimes)

  • Anonymous

    My first cell phone was the original Motorola StarTAC. Very cool phone! I had the address book adapter which basically doubled the size of the phone… then I bought the extended battery… that also added a lot of bulk…. so yea, that was kind of dumb in retrospect.

  • robertschwartz

    My first cellphone was a Motorola and it came in a zipped case with a regular handset and a coiled cord. It was a 3 watt phone and worked great, but cell time was expensive then!!

  • facebook-19701276

    My first phone was, well, a pager…

    Ah yes, the pager. Only two buttons, two black and white character lines (with back-light), and the ability to receive messages but not send them. I remember the one of the built-in commands one could send to it would read “Where are you?” on the screen. I would reply with nothing of course because I COULDN'T SEND MESSAGES! What a silly invention, although I remember it being the thing to have back in the day.

    To it's credit though it did have the ability to check the weather. It came in handy when I as too lazy to look out the window 🙂

  • aggierichard

    My first cell phone was a tin can with an antennae!

  • akjack

    My first phone was a bag phone from ATT. It was bulky and and heavy, but it was there when I needed it in an dire .emergency

  • Greg Overland

    I don't remember the name, but I'm pretty sure it's in a drawer someplace around here. The clam shell design with only a green led area for the number. It was about three inches thick and needed to be recharged everyday.

  • wikwik85

    i want one pretty please. I really need a new cell phone

  • lava9611

    My daughter has a Chocolate 3 and is begging me to buy her one of these. Looks like a great phone 🙂

  • Magnumload

    I don't remember the brand of my first cellphone, but I know it was one of Virgin Mobile's phones when they first started coming out… Not that great of a phone, or service.

  • demonic1

    Totally miss my old NEC G9D+ .. that thing was indestructible. didn't have a color screen, just a colored light. No texts either. No camera. No games. This thing could take a semi truck on and live to tell about it though.

    My mom probably still has it too.

  • adamdepriest

    My first phone was the lg chocolate (flip-version). It was one of the best phones i have ever had.

  • Johnnymac4242

    My first cellphone was a Nokia with a nice little pull-out antenna and the worst looking screen on the planet. It did have a snake game on it, though, so that was pretty boss.

    As far as normal phones go, my first phone was a large red corded phone with the worst quality on the planet. I could barely understand anything anyone said. This is why cheap = good all the time.

  • Anonymous

    My first phone was the the lg chocolate (flip version). It was one of my favorite phones that I’ve had over the years

  • echezeaux

    it was a nokia the size of a cordless phone. who uses those anymore?

  • Becca Shimkin

    Well, my very FIRST phone was a plastic yellow model, like something out of the Brady household, you know the long skinny one with the curly wire, the kind that would hang on the wall. But it didn't work, since I was four years old, and I don't think my parents wanted me dialing China with it.
    My first REAL phone was, I think, a Nokia flip phone. Yup, my first phone of my very own was a cell phone – we have now progressed that far. It was silver, and it had big buttons, and speed dial! I think it even had snake (that fabulous time-wasting game) on it, but I don't remember.

  • JoeBoo

    My first cell phone was a Samsung flip phone from Sprint. I remember the plan I had too – 500 minutes for $50/month. No free nights or weekends, either.

  • s.leep

    My first cellphone was some sort of Nokia that stopped working when my carrier switched from one generation of coverage to another, but it was by far my best phone. Best alarm, best games (okay, just Backgammon, but still better than my other phones have had), best design (just a stumpy phone, no “hinge” to open or close). I miss it.

  • Anonymous

    I had an old Monochromatic Samsung Dinosaur that is now a paperweight… so much for that one

  • azjerry

    First phone was an analog-only MOT Startac. Phone came at a pretty good discount bcuz I worked for Motorola.

  • azjerry

    Remember the good old days of Sprint's FIMF (First Incoming Minute Free)? Used to tell people that I was going to hang up on them at 55 seconds, if they had more to say, they could call me back – LOL.

  • kennyporter

    i believe it was a pre-paid moto flip phone my mother gave me in 6th grade. i thought, no, KNEW i was the shit at that point in my life.

  • Anonymous

    My first phone was an Audiovox CDM 4000 through Airtouch before they became Verizon. It was only a phone and you really couldn’t do much else with it but talk and maybe text message if my memory serves.

    This phone looks cool. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • siara

    My first cell phone was a samsung, I had first got it when I was twelve and I texted alot. My sister had bought me the phone, and I was very happy but I guess I went over my limit and she took the phone back. I now hardly text but I use my i-pod more than i do a phone. My old ipod is full now, and freezes often, I would enjoy having the chocolate touch.

  • gypsymisfit

    My first phone was the Motorola v365. It's funny to say that I had hardly any problems with that phone, and it lasted for a long time. Only when I began to change up my phone through the years is when I began having problems. And even though the people around me were sporting high-tech phones, I thoroughly enjoyed my phone, and did not care what people said.

  • tsforrester

    My first phone or current phone is the samsung intinsity.AWSOME

  • tsforrester

    My first phone or current phone is the samsung intinsity.AWSOME