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3-In-1 Mouse Can Do Everything, For Some Reason

3-In-1 Mouse Can Do Everything, For Some Reason


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve never been able to understand trackball mice. No matter how much I use one, I still find it to be uncomfortable and less accurate than a traditional mouse. Nevertheless, some people swear by them. Well if you happen to be one of those people and in need of a number pad for your keyboard, then you’ll love this gadget.

The Track Ball Mouse Numerical Keypad Hub has got just about everything you’d want in a crazy hybrid gadget. You’ve got your mouse, number pad and even a pair of USB ports. Seriously, how many of you can say that your mouse is also a USB hub? That’s what I thought. For just under $60 you can blow the minds of each and every one of your coworkers.

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