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Targus Laptop Docking Station With Video

Targus Laptop Docking Station With Video

Targus Laptop Docking Station With Video (Image courtesy Targus)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you haven’t accepted the fact that laptops come with certain limitations compared to a full-sized desktop PC, then be prepared to carry a bag full of accessories and add-ons wherever you go. Or, you could spend a bit of money and just grab this new docking station from Targus which isn’t terribly large, but is packed full of useful features.

It connects to your laptop via a single USB port, but expands that to an additional 4 ports with 2 being ‘always on’ even when the laptop is shut down. Of course that means the dock needs its own power supply, but if you’ve picked one up then portability clearly isn’t your priority. The dock also provides a DVI connection using DisplayLink’s technology and can support monitor resolutions up to 2048×1152 as well as additional audio connections and an ethernet port. And finally, you can stash the thing underneath your laptop making it function as a riser to improve airflow and cooling, but obviously it’s the previously mentioned features that will justify its $159.99 price tag.

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