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Forklift Challenge Game Makes Your Warehouse Job Seem Like Fun (But You Know Better)

Forklift Challenge (Image courtesy Solutions)
By Andrew Liszewski

As someone who spent 2 summers working in a lumber yard, I can attest to the fact that forklifts can indeed be fun, even if you’re just stacking empty pallets to kill an hour before your shift is done. But most of that fun is lost when the forklifts are barely large enough to lift a pad of Post-It Notes, like the remote controlled versions in this Forklift Challenge game.

The goal is to apparently get all of your crates and pallets from the ‘storage’ area to the ‘loading bay’ before your opponent does. There is plenty of room for sabotage, which could be minutely entertaining, but nothing I can say will make the game seem as exciting as all the thrills and spills featured in this video of it being played!!

Now that’s how you sell a product! $34.95 from Solutions.

[ Forklift Challenge ]

  • franco1975

    This would be fun actually.

  • mcman

    Again, kids would love it.

  • Jessicat

    The kid in me doesn't seem to buy the fun in this product. Now put me behind a real one, maybe.

  • davemmmm

    Like it, but I want a bigger warehouse with different area's and possibly a clock?

  • learnandmasterguitar

    looks like the real forklift. I'll definitely buy one for my son. Used Forklifts

  • forklift

    I'd really like to know who it was.

  • forklift

    I'd really like to know who it was.

  • gigurdjieff

    I'd much rather play with a toy forklift than a real one, I had the chance to drive one when I was on a visit to an equipment rental Texas company, but I politely passed. Forklifts are too tall and dangerous for me, or maybe I've just been watching too much tv and I'm becoming paranoid.