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Aiptek Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

Aiptek Mobile Cinema DVD Projector


By Evan Ackerman

Calling this gadget a “mobile cinema” might be doing it a favor, but it does incorporate a DVD player, some speakers, and a small projector. So I suppose technically, it is what it claims to be. But only just barely… You’ve got two 1-watt speakers and a 13 lumen, 480 x 240 pixel image. I mean, this cell phone has a better projector inside it, and the crappiest projector ever is less crappy than this one. Maybe if it ran on batteries, or included some inputs, or even a USB port so that you could use it as an external DVD drive or something… But no, all you get is a microphone jack so that you can use it for karaoke. Karaoke.



Alright, there is one reason you should get this: for your kids. They will appreciate the cartoonish buttons and focusing handle, and when they inevitably break this projector (or it commits electronic suicide after one too many viewings of Happy Scrappy Hero Pup), you won’t have to feel too badly since you only blew $260 on it.

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