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MapLock Makes Sure Your GPS Doesn’t Get Lost

MapLock Makes Sure Your GPS Doesn’t Get Lost


By Evan Ackerman

I honestly don’t know whether this thing is totally stupid, or totally brilliant. The MapLock is like a bike lock, except it’s made for your GPS… It clamps onto the face of your GPS device (adjustable to fit most sizes), you loop a steel cable through your steering wheel, and then lock it all down with a key and you’re good to go.

As MapLock points out, if you just take your GPS off the windshield mount and hide it, a clever thief can spot the mount and infer that you’ve got a tasty GPS stashed away somewhere. If you do take the windshield mount off, a cleverer thief will spot the marks left by the suction cup. And even if you take the whole kit and caboodle with you when you leave your car, someone might spot the telltale signs and break in anyway. OMG PANIC!

So, the MapLock seems like a totally brilliant idea: show potential thieves that your GPS is safe and secure, and they won’t bother breaking into your car to go after it. But still, it’s a relatively complicated cable lock for your GPS, and that just seems silly. Here is what I would buy: a system that I can use to lock my GPS to my dashboard semi-permanently while still keeping the GPS usable. Someone get on that, won’t you?

The MapLock (patent pending) will be available in 5 exciting colors for an unspecified price at an unspecified time.

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