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Retro Thing Releases Three Limited Edition Pixel Tees

Retro Thing Releases Three Limited Edition Pixel Tees


By David Ponce

Our old pal James Grahame from Retro Thing recently released three T-shirt designs. This is what he has to say about them:

After months of top secret R&D, we’re proud to unveil three limited edition Retro Thing shirt designs. They were created pixel-by-pixel on a curmudgeonly old Atari 130XE, ensuring maximum authenticity and the most convoluted workflow since the Apollo missions.

Each pixel tee is screen printed on a heavyweight 6.1oz Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt in Madison, Wisconsin by a genuine American named Rick. There’s no digitally printed tomfoolery here, nor are our shirts made by 3-week-old kittens slaving at gunpoint in North Korean sweatshops.

We’re big fans, so head over there before December 8th to order yours, for all of $14.

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