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FriiBoard Improves The Wii Fit’s Balance Board

FriiBoard Improves The Wii Fit’s Balance Board

FriiBoard (Image courtesy Swiit Game Gear)
By Andrew Liszewski

To say that gamers haven’t really been blown away by the new Tony Hawk Ride game and its skateboard controller is an understatement. And while the Wii Fit balance board can be used with snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding games, it also lacks a certain something, which I think the FriiBoard remedies.

It’s nothing more than a curved plastic base that attaches to the underside of the balance board allowing it to rock slightly in all directions. Not enough to make balancing difficult, but more than enough to make most balance board compatible games more entertaining and slightly more realistic. I would almost call it a must-have add-on if you already have Wii Fit at home, but the $45 price tag is a bit steep for a piece of plastic. (Available soon!)

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