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Phone-O-Scope SLR Lens Mount For The iPhone

Phone-O-Scope SLR Lens Mount For The iPhone

Phone-O-Scope (Images courtesy Bhautik Joshi)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think this is one of those times when the question of “why?” doesn’t really apply. Now the iPhone isn’t known for having the greatest of cameras, even amongst smartphones, but Bhautik Joshi, who works as a Research Engineer for Industrial Light & Magic, figured a little Industrial Tape & Ingenuity could at least make for some interesting photos. And he was right.

Phone-O-Scope Samples (Images courtesy Bhautik Joshi)

The quality isn’t amazing, and the Phone-O-Scope doesn’t look particularly user-friendly, but the photos it snaps do have a fuzzy, distorted, Holga-like appearance to them which a lot of photographers seem enamored with these days. And even though the question of “why?” doesn’t seem worth asking, if you’re curious about the “how?” you can find build photos and other notes on Bhautik’s website.

[ The Phone-O-Scope: Attaching SLR lenses to an iPhone ] VIA [ Make ]