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Origami Toilet Paper

Origami Toilet Paper

Origami Toilet Paper (Image courtesy What On Earth)
By Andrew Liszewski

When you’re in the bathroom, taking care of ‘business’, you really should be concentrating on the task at hand. But occasionally you do have time to kill, which is when this roll of toilet paper covered in origami instructions would come in handy. I assume all of the projects use TP-sized paper, otherwise you and your guests will be tearing up old issues of Reader’s Digest to make paper cranes and what-not, that is if you think $5.95 per roll is a good price for something you’ll literally be flushing away.

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  • rentacarbucuresti

    Lol…Very clever :)) I was surprised. Is the best picture I have seen lately
    Rent a car Bucharest

  • franco1975

    Id rather read and expand my knowledge while im on the throne.

  • Anonymous

    Excelent ! No need book !

  • EspritOuvert

    You can't possibly make nice folds with toilet paper. This is ridiculous.

  • mcman

    Finally something worth getting excited over! Woo Hoo!!! Now if I just had a young Asian girl to do the folding……..

  • Jessicat

    I agree, origami isn't all to easy to do with paper, now they expect you to do it with flimsy toilet paper? Also how are you suppose to fold it if the instructions are folded up in the origami your creating?

  • Nikkita Croix

    Bummer, it's sold out.

    I don't think I'd want all of the sharp points in that crane anywhere near my butt.

  • ahhah

    these people are complete cretins. there isn't anything people could think of, that these ridiculous half-stuff. mankind deserves to sink into oblivion.

  • SamSmith01

    Hey, Sounds like a great way to pass the time while on the toilet to me. I have never been very goo with origami anyways, not that creative I suppose. I can just picture walking in the bathroom to find the toilet repair man sitting there making toilet paper penquins! lol

  • yaikcergar

    Cool toilet paper with cool Origami diagrams to help even those in the bathroom be creative.

  • yaikcergar

    Cool toilet paper with cool Origami diagrams to help even those in the bathroom be creative.