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Add USB 3.0 To Your Laptop

Add USB 3.0 To Your Laptop


By Chris Scott Barr

With USB 3.0 devices slowly trickling to the market, some people are going to be on the lookout for ways to add such ports to their computer. We’ve already seen a desktop solution and now it seems that road warriors will be able to upgrade their laptops to the standard as well.

StarTech has announced their new 2 Port ExpressCard USB 3.0 adapter. As you would imagine, this slides into your ExpressCard slot and gives you a pair of USB 3.0 ports. There is, however, one major flaw with this device. It would seem that the ExpressCard slot does not provide enough power to supply each port with the required 900mA. You’ll be fine so long as you don’t have two devices which both require the maximum amount of power, otherwise you’ll be forced to plug in the included AC adapter. With such a drawback and the limited number of USB 3.0 devices on the market, I can’t see many people coughing up $50 for this add-on.

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