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Concrete Cloth

Concrete Cloth

Concrete Cloth (Images courtesy Concrete Canvas)
By Andrew Liszewski

Before you get any clever ideas, don’t think you’re going to be using this Concrete Cloth developed by UK company Concrete Canvas to make yourself a bullet-proof t-shirt, cause it doesn’t work that way. It’s actually a flexible fabric impregnated with a special pre-mixed cement that hardens when it’s hydrated.

So not only does it make creating irregularly shaped items out of concrete a lot easier, like say shelters, ditches, retaining walls, pond linings and chairs, but unlike a regular concrete mix you can’t use too much water, so it’s idiot-proof as well. In fact, the material will even set underwater in addition to being fireproof and chemical resistant. Has polyester finally met its match?

[ Concrete Canvas ] VIA [ Dezeen ]

  • mcman

    And boy is it ever attractive!

  • Nikkita Croix

    I like how the chair looks soft and comfortable until you realize its made of abrasive concrete. The Quonset hut shelters on their website are interesting. This stuff reminds me of the stuff doctors use for casts.

  • Jessicat

    I wonder how much this is going for? I mean it says to purchase you have to contact them. I know it's concrete which isn't soft, but I wonder if it does have some give since it isn't a solid brick of it.

  • msisaac

    Well, I'm never agreeing to help anyone move ever again. Concrete couches? Hell no, I'm not helping you move that thing down three flights of stairs!

  • Zotel

    Nahh, they just call you over to help sledgehammer it into little pieces…

  • Zotel

    Nahh, they just call you over to help sledgehammer it into little pieces…