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Yoomi Self-Heating Baby Bottle

Yoomi Self-Heating Baby Bottle

Yoomi Self-Heating Baby Bottle (Images courtesy The Daily Mail)
By Andrew Liszewski

Invented by husband and wife team Farah and Jim Shaikh, the Yoomi bottle could seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread for parents who are tired of having to find a way to heat up bottles for their infants when they’re not at home. The secret is a sealed warming unit that sits just below the teat. Pushing an orange button activates the heater, and 60 seconds later, after the milk has had time to flow through a series of channels, it reaches the comfortable temperature of breast milk.

The warmer will maintain that temperature for up to an hour since it uses chemicals similar to a warming gel pack, and it can be recharged around 100 times before needing to be replaced. The Yoomi bottle costs around $37 and a set of two teats is about $7.50, so while it’s not cheap, it’s not necessarily designed to be used every single day.

[ The Daily Mail – The baby bottle that heats itself up in 60 seconds ] VIA [ Gizmo Watch ]

  • mcman

    Sounds great for when parents have the baby out of the house.

  • jollygreen28

    Hm, we just stick a good old fashion tit in her mouth and that does it… I don't think enough women breastfeed as is, I don't think they need another excuse to be lazy. For the moms who don't like to breastfeed in public, get over it! Especially if you are in Washington state, its now a civil right to breastfeed, The new law protects against discrimination by declaring that women can breastfeed a child “in any place of public resort, accommodation, assemblage or amusement.” That includes restaurants, hotels, motels, stores, malls, theaters, concert halls, parks, fairs, libraries, schools, hospitals and government offices. You are also immune to indecency laws while preparing, after or while breastfeeding.

    My wife breastfeeds in open public constantly and I think you should too. Don't use a bottle unless you have absolutely not enough milk production.

    And for all those who think its gross to breastfeed in public, I invite you to eat every meal outside your house in the public restroom for the next year and then bitch at us for feeding our child where its law-full for anyone else to eat.

    BTW, how to be green and have a cheap baby. Breastfeed, use cloth diapers and make your own baby food. We only spend about $20 a month on our child, 1/2 is for baby wipes the rest is for name brand used baby cloths.

  • Anonymous

    We feed our baby cold formula. I don’t think there is any reason to heat it, right?

  • Jessicat

    I think it's a great invention, just not very green. I also don't like the word chemicals like a heat pack. It scares me and makes me think the baby has a chance to drink them.

    And Jolly, there are some women who can't breastfeed. So for them and those that choose not too, this is a interesting purchase, but I think traditional bottles would be safer.

  • Nikkita Croix

    I wonder if they will expand this technology to other beverage containers. Instant coffee, tea, soup?

  • IreneColdman

    My cousin's baby would need such a bottle. They always have trouble with trying to feed him and sometimes you can't reason with him at all. That bottle would be very useful.