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Talking Luggage Locator

Talking Luggage Locator

Luggage Locator (Image courtesy Things You Never Knew Existed)By Andrew Liszewski

Hm, what could make the whole experience of standing around a luggage carousel at the airport waiting for your bags to hopefully arrive intact worse? Oh I know, if every other person in the crowd has decided that this talking luggage locator tag is a great idea.

It comes with a remote you keep with you that triggers a set of 6 flashing LEDs on the tag, as well as a 30 second message you’ve prerecorded that will help you locate your bag up to 45 feet away. Exactly the type of thing I want to hear while standing around after a long, annoying flight. And it’s just $14.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed so when luggage handlers inevitably destroy it, you won’t feel so bad.

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