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USB Travel Mug Keeps Your Beverage Warm, Agitated

USB Travel Mug Keeps Your Beverage Warm, Agitated


By Evan Ackerman

If that magical coffee cup we posted about a couple weeks ago isn’t getting commercialized fast enough for you, here’s something that could take its place (at least until the future gets here) and throws in an extra feature to boot. It’s a USB powered drink warmer that also includes a drink mixer, and shockingly for a product from Brando, it’s not embarrassingly tacky looking.

The rechargeable warmer will keep your drink of choice at a toasty 40 degrees Celsius (that’s about 104 degrees Fahrenheit for you heathens), and a touch of a button starts a little stirry thing going that looks powerful enough to mix cream in coffee but not powerful enough to make a Margarita. You can pre-order the “USB Whirl Wind Warmer Cup” for 37 bucks, and it should get to you by mid December, which is plenty of time for you to try it, decide that it sucks, and then give it to someone at work you don’t like very much.

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6 responses to “USB Travel Mug Keeps Your Beverage Warm, Agitated”

  1. mcman says:

    I don't know about you but I'd hate to see what an agitated cup of coffee would do if pushed to far. Third degree burns for starters! Yea! I thought that'd get your attention.

  2. Jessicat says:

    I like the features and the abilities. For the price it isn't that bad.

  3. Nikkita Croix says:

    Why isn't there a handle? How are you going to walk around the office acting smug if you can barely hold the thing to take a sip?

  4. mnmls says:

    I bought this all excited. When I received it, I found out the picture is deceiving. It is tiny. I bet it holds less than 4 ounces of coffee. Kinda like a tea cup. And to spend almost $40 on it was a rip-off.