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Pigeon: Impossible – Random Video Because We Can

By David Ponce

The above video entertained me for 6 minutes. It features an awesome briefcase, a pigeon and a clumsy secret agent.

VIA [ LikeCool ]


8 responses to “Pigeon: Impossible – Random Video Because We Can”

  1. EspritOuvert says:

    Oh how I wish I could view videos while at the office.

  2. Jessicat says:

    *looks behind her cube* oh how I wish that while watching this I could be reassured no one was watching me…

    It was cute and funny.

  3. mcman says:

    I wish I could view videos too. Oh yea, I can. I forgot.

  4. mcman says:

    “Is it about my cube?”

  5. Jim Prather says:

    This is a great cartoon about a clumsy secret agent, and a curious, but hungry, pigeon. You'll love it.
    LTA, Uncle Jim

  6. OMG! The pigeon died…I am terribly distraught.