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Endless Rain Record

Endless Rain Record

Endless Rain Record (Images courtesy designboom shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Whether you’re looking for some calming white noise to help you drift off to sleep at night, or you just moved to the desert and desperately miss the sound of falling rain, this unique piece of vinyl should fill that void in your life. On one side of the endless rain record you’ll find a long track of, you guessed it, falling rain, while the other side features looped grooves that play a continuous stream of more distinct rain drops. $39 from the designboom shop, or free if you just move to a rainforest.

[ Endless Rain Record ] VIA [ Better Living Through Design ]

  • mcman

    What the heck? A big vinyl circle with grooves in it? Well, I took a shot. It was pretty funny in the 90's.

  • Jessicat

    Mixing rain into a mix, would be hot. I think artists that venture out of the ordinary make the best mixes.

  • Phlow

    I saw “endless rain record” and i thought you were going to show us the world record for a thunderstorm. whoops

  • Zotel

    Sounds great, if you don't listen to white noise all day… say in a call center.

  • Martin Murd

    Well DJ, spin that.

  • Martin Murd

    Well DJ, spin that.