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OS Calculators Confuse Reality

OS Calculators Confuse Reality


By Evan Ackerman

Sometimes, for chronic computer users like myself, it’s hard to differentiate between the digital world and reality. If you’ve ever done something really really stupid and then noticed your fingers unconsciously pressing control + z, you know what I’m talking about. This issue is made substantially more complicated by these calculators, which are modeled on the little calculator apps that come with your operating system unless you use something cooler like Linux.


These calculators are currently a concept from Mintpass, and their designer rightly points out that the chances of them ever getting produced is rather slim considering who owns the actual designs, but he envisions them being made as trade show handouts or something… We’ll let you know if we see any at CES in January. And I just have to wonder what, exactly, is supposed to happen when you press that bright red button in the upper right corner… If it’s as faithful a reproduction as it looks, it probably causes the calculator to self destruct.

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