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Vestax Spin DJ Controller For The Mac

Vestax Spin DJ Controller For The Mac

Vestax Spin (Image courtesy Vestax Japan)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wannabe DJs with a bit more money in their pockets now don’t just have to settle with DJ Hero to get their ‘wheels of steel’ fix. Vestax Japan has just announced the ‘Spin’ which is a turntable-esque USB console/controller designed specifically for the Mac.

It’s got a set of touch sensitive scroll wheels allowing you to scratch or backspin in real time, and while I can’t imagine it’s anywhere near as accurate or realistic as the real thing, the Spin at least allows you to play and mix songs directly from your iTunes library. In other words you don’t need to spend money on milk crates full of vinyl. It’s expected to be available in Japan come December for about $330 which gives me a glimmer of hope that it might not actually suck.

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