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Useful Towel Looks… Well… Useful

Useful Towel Looks… Well… Useful

Useful Towel (Images courtesy Bailey Doesn't Bark)
By Andrew Liszewski

This towel doesn’t have a built-in timer, thermometer or any kind of high-techery, but it’s probably still more useful than most of the gadgets in your kitchen. It features a print full of useful measurements and conversions (I had no idea there were 4 pecks in a bushel) and since it’s a towel, you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty since you can just throw it in the washing machine when you’re done cooking. $22 from Bailey Doesn’t Bark.

[ Useful Towel ] VIA [ swissmiss ]


10 responses to “Useful Towel Looks… Well… Useful”

  1. mcman says:

    I wear mine on my head like an Arab guy.

  2. EspritOuvert says:

    I have a kitchen laptop, I find google to be faster.

  3. Jessicat says:

    Funny thing is I usually look up on the internet anything I don't know.

    Also is it just me or is mcman's comments more out there then usual lately?

  4. franco1975 says:

    Has paper to write on gone out of style ?

  5. chaosoldier says:

    I think you may be correct Jess, McMan has certainly gone off his rocker.

  6. chaosoldier says:

    This is actually pretty cool, if they came in a set of more than one.. As is when you have it in the wash you are out of luck

  7. franco1975 says:

    Flour sack cotton dish towel at Kmart is only 3.99 each….

  8. Nikkita Croix says:

    This information is great to have handy, but what method did they use to print the letters on the fabric? Will it just flake off after a few times in the washing machine and dryer?
    It says it's a flour sack towel, so I guess it's durable, but at $22 a towel, I can't imagine they would be flying off the shelves.
    However, there were only 17 left in stock when I made this comment.

  9. mlw123 says:

    Fun & useful Christmas gift, now I will know how many Bushels are in a Peck.

  10. mlw123 says:

    Fun & useful Christmas gift, now I will know how many Bushels are in a Peck.