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Eneloopy Battery Tester

Eneloopy Battery Tester

Eneloopy Battery Tester (Image courtesy Sanyo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sanyo is hoping to boost the popularity of their eneloop rechargeable batteries with this overly cute tester named eneloopy, which is clearly an homage or parody of the Peanuts’ character Snoopy. But instead of hanging out with Woodstock or engaging the Red Baron in air-to-air combat, eneloopy will accept a AA or AAA battery (using his food dish spacer) and will indicate its charge level with his light-up LED nose.

Green means the battery’s fully charged, orange means it’s partially charged, red means it needs to be charged, and of course off means the battery’s completely dead. eneloopy will be available in Japan bundled with a set of eneloop batteries sometime in November, though pricing info hasn’t been announced.

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