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Namco Classic Game Zippo Lighters

Namco Classic Game Zippo Lighters (Images courtesy NCSX)
By Andrew Liszewski

You don’t have to be a smoker who grew up gobbling white dots and ghosts to appreciate these retro gaming themed Zippo lighters. You could also be a pyromaniac who really enjoyed Dig Dug as a kid, or someone who can never get enough Galaxian who also happens to prepare a lot of birthday cakes. The Zippos are available in four different versions including Pac-Man, Xevious and the aforementioned Dig Dug and Galaxian, and can be pre-ordered from NCSX for a mere $108.90.

[ Namco Classic Game Zippo Lighters ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

  • mcman

    Straight from my hometown.

  • chaosoldier

    I like Zippos, and I already have one.. Don't need another one.. not 108.90 worth anyway.

  • charliehorse43

    All most makes me wish I smoked.

  • ojone87


  • mcman

    Dude, people buy them as a collectors item. Do a little research, they're big in the collector world.

    There's a big Zippo swap meet every year that draws thousands. Also, if you ever go to the Zippo museum look for my mother's picture.

  • chaosoldier

    That's just my personal opinion.

  • Jessicat

    They look amazing, but I don't really have an attachment to those games. Maybe a bit later on, down the time line, I would be more interested.

  • Tosh

    I know my wife would want pacman and dig-dug.

  • bakuteh

    OMG! I WANT ONE!!!!

  • bakuteh

    OMG! I WANT ONE!!!!