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Pistol Grip NightVision Digital Video Camera

Pistol Grip NightVision Digital Video Camera

NightVision Digital Video Camera (Image courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m always suspicious of anyone who buys nightvision gear and isn’t a member of any official military or law enforcement organization. But I’m sure there’s some legitimate reason why a civilian would need to be able to record video in complete darkness, and that seems to be this camera’s forte.

A ring of IR LEDs around the lens will illuminate your subject no matter how dark it is, and while the paltry 32 MB of storage allows you to record just 2 minutes of 640×480 resolution video, the storage can be upgraded with a 2GB SD card. The camera also works in regular daylight of course, automatically switching to nightvision mode when there isn’t adequate light, and is available from Firebox for ~$113.

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