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TwitterPeek Now Official

TwitterPeek Now Official

TwitterPeek (Image courtesy Peek)
By Andrew Liszewski

It first surfaced last week, but today Peek officially announced the availability of the TwitterPeek, a version of their handheld device designed exclusively for accessing and publishing content on Twitter. Now Twitter power users might find the device a bit limiting since the lack of a web browser prevents you from following links, and the lack of a camera prevents you from uploading your own photos, but you can pretty much do everything else including viewing twitpic images, following other Twitterers and posting replies or direct messages.

At the moment the TwitterPeek is available in a $99.99 version that includes 6 months of service followed by a $7.95 per month fee, or the previously rumored $199.99 version that includes a lifetime of service.

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