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Goodbye Philips Tapster, We Barely Knew Ye

Goodbye Philips Tapster, We Barely Knew Ye

Philips Tapster (Image courtesy Philips)
By Andrew Liszewski

By now most of you have probably already forgotten about the Philips Tapster Bluetooth headphones we first wrote about way back in February. But that’s a good thing, because according to CNET’s Crave blog, the device will never be hitting store shelves.

While Philips apparently didn’t have any official comments as to why, Jasmine France chocks it up to the device… well… sucking. “The major draw of the Tapster is the playback and volume controls, which are manipulated via light tapping and swiping on the ear modules. In theory, this is a sweet idea, because pressing tactile buttons on an in-ear headset has a tendency to dislodge the earbuds. Unfortunately, although we tested the Tapster with four different devices, it never worked completely as advertised.” Oh well…

[ Crave – Philips Tapster shies away from retail ]