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Minimalist Q2 Cube Radio Is Controlled By Tilting

Minimalist Q2 Cube Radio Is Controlled By Tilting

Q2 Cube Internet Radio (Images courtesy Wired Gadget Lab)
By Andrew Liszewski

If internet radio is your thing, and you often find yourself befuddled by buttons, dials and knobs, design and development firm Cambridge Consultants has just the thing for you! Their recently unveiled Q2 Cube Internet Radio features no visible controls, but instead relies on gravity to change its settings. To select from one of four preset stations, you just turn the cube onto one of its four sides, and to adjust the volume up or down, you just tilt it forwards or backwards. At the moment pricing info hasn’t been revealed, but the company expects to at least have the Cube Radio available in the U.K. in time for Christmas.

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