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Autoloader Screwdriver Makes Changing Bits A Breeze

Autoloader Screwdriver Makes Changing Bits A Breeze


By Chris Scott Barr

How is it that whenever you open up your toolbox to get a screwdriver, the exact one you need is missing? It’s probably because someone’s been too lazy to put them back when they are done (that would be my issue). That’s why screwdrivers with interchangeable bits can be so handy. Of course even those little bits can get lost, which is why this Autoloader Screwdriver from KR Tools looks so enticing.

The Autoloader has  six different bits (three Phillips and three flathead) built right into the handle. When you want to change the one you’re using, you just pull the handle, twist it to select the right one, then push the handle back into place. You never actually have to touch the bits themselves, thus you’ll never lose them. Of course now you just have to remember where you set the screwdriver. You can pick up a 2-pack of these (one large, one small) for just $30.

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