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Sanicare Travel Bidet

Sanicare Travel Bidet

Sanicare Travel Bidet (Image courtesy Sanicare)By Andrew Liszewski

Believe it or not, in some parts of the world you just can’t find a bidet when you need one. Thankfully the Travel Bidet from Sanicare (which absolutely should never be mistaken for a product from Sonicare who makes toothbrushes) can be used whether you’re sitting in an airplane lavatory at 30,000 feet, or simply squatting in the forest.

A small reservoir can be filled with water as needed, and it comes with 3 different spray heads depending on what you intend to clean. The pump is powered by a single AAA battery which is included, and you can get it directly from Sanicare for $39.95.

[ Sanicare Travel Bidet ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]