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Sanicare Travel Bidet

Sanicare Travel Bidet

Sanicare Travel Bidet (Image courtesy Sanicare) By Andrew Liszewski

Believe it or not, in some parts of the world you just can’t find a bidet when you need one. Thankfully the Travel Bidet from Sanicare (which absolutely should never be mistaken for a product from Sonicare who makes toothbrushes) can be used whether you’re sitting in an airplane lavatory at 30,000 feet, or simply squatting in the forest.

A small reservoir can be filled with water as needed, and it comes with 3 different spray heads depending on what you intend to clean. The pump is powered by a single AAA battery which is included, and you can get it directly from Sanicare for $39.95.

[ Sanicare Travel Bidet ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

  • mcman

    Now, if I only knew what a bidet…….Oh, Biday! Now I get it. Well then, I say it can be used for both teeth and butt. Just make sure it's cleaned thoroughly before using it on your butt.

  • chaosoldier

    Or should we clean it well before using it on teeth??

  • chaosoldier

    Is this not what toilet paper and a tooth brush is for?? I find this one of those things that may or may not have been some bird brained idea that somehow made it past all of the usefulness checks…

  • Phlow

    wow. different cultures…

  • charliehorse43

    No doubt it could be used to clean out a lot of things.

  • facebook-19701276

    About time! These things are hard to live without aren't they!?

  • s.leep

    3 different spray heads… so one would have to switch heads mid-process to clean that… other part?

  • Jessicat

    My aunt has them in her house, they were odd to me then and just gross now. I don't know about portable ones. I see all the women trying to share them in the end.

  • dubzilla

    explain that to your friends. This is a job that standard toliet paper can't handle i need a hand held power washer for this

  • engfant

    Oh I so need one of these!!

  • Bidet Toilet Seat Lover

    This is a great product. Deluxe travel bidets are also available that offer two different wash speeds!

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  • Bidet Toilet

    I have a Travel Bidet, they are great to have when you're out and about.

  • Bidet Toilet

    I have a Travel Bidet, they are great to have when you're out and about.

  • Bidet Seat

    nice post i think very useful if you have a occasion outing or out of town..