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Mario. Naked. Your Childhood Memories Tainted Forever.


By David Ponce

What else can be said about this, other than I’ve enjoyed ruining your childhood now that mine has been.

Remember: it cannot be unseen!

VIA [ Geekologie ]

  • Justin Bullock

    What would you do this to us? WHY???

  • EspritOuvert

    Oh god, that's evil.

  • charliehorse43

    Naked and hairless. The horror.

  • mcman

    I protest! This is NSFW!

  • s.leep

    Gah! I'd have Toad say I was in another castle, too.

  • chaosoldier


  • Jessicat

    No, NSFW is Rule #34 of Mario. This is just creepy.

  • Kyle Grandmaison

    Why must you do this?!?!

  • nenriel

    Why did you have to say that? This post was bad enough without it >_<

  • dubzilla

    Why not why would you post this but why would some take the time to create it.

  • dubzilla

    Why ?not why would you post this, but why would someone take the time to create it. I can honestly say have never been sitting around thinking. What would he look like naked.