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Vioguard Introduces Self-Disinfecting Keybaord

Vioguard Introduces Self-Disinfecting Keybaord


By Chris Scott Barr

How often would you say you clean your keyboard? I know that it’s a rare thing to do for me, and probably not something most people do on a very regular basis. Sure, we’ve seen keyboards that can be put in a dishwasher, but what about a keyboard that actually cleans itself? Well now there is one of those.

The Vioguard UVKB50 doesn’t clean itself, so much as it disinfects. Whenever you are finished typing, the keyboard retracts into an enclosure and is blasted with a 50W UV light. This will supposedly kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Mysophobes will no doubt rejoice at the introduction of this keyboard next month. However, they may actually fear the $899 price tag more than the germs on their keyboard.

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  • mcman

    I suppose if multiple people use the same keyboard and more than one person is paranoid about contracting monkey ass sclonosis. Wait, that's me!

  • chaosoldier

    This could be beneficial in public places, especially school libraries and such where lots of people use the keyboards everyday, but that price tag really needs to come down a bit for it to be practical at all.

  • charliehorse43

    I like the idea but would want it to vacuum it too.

  • s.leep

    This would have been useful at work the day I had to use the (shared) computer after my manager had been using the phone in the office, leaning back with her bare feet perched on the keyboard.

  • Jessicat

    I do agree, public places would really benefit from this. Too bad their usually the ones with 10 year old computers and out of date equipment. I doubt they will get these. Maybe technical (not just tech ones but ones that have computer courses) schools would get them, because I know the one I went too, had usually up-to-date things and was always upgrading. This would stop the spread of germs and help keep kids in school.

  • EspritOuvert

    Until the price tag comes down, I'll just pretend my keyboard is super clean all the time.

  • franco1975

    Cant they sell portable UV light so we can just scan the keyboard with the light. We can also use the light to scan keys etc????

  • chaosoldier

    Yeah then everyone can get radiation poisioning and we can all die, JOY!

  • dubzilla

    you could buy a ton of Lysol for $900

  • dubzilla

    you could buy a ton of Lysol for $900