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Install Up To 59 Free Applications Quickly And Easily Using Ninite


By Chris Scott Barr

Whenever I build a new computer, there are certain pieces of software that need to be installed. Things like VLC, iTunes, OpenOffice, Flash, .NET and a host of others are essential to my everyday computing. Generally I’ll take some time to install each of these individually just after the OS is loaded. I’ve always thought it would be nice if there was an easy way to just install all of them at once. It seems that my wish has come true.

Ninite is a small piece of software that lets you install up to 59 different pieces of software in the background, with almost no interaction from you. All you have to do is head over to the Ninite website, select which programs you want and download the installer. It will automatically install the software you selected (while saying ‘No’ to any extra toolbars or other annoying add-on programs). This is definitely one of the coolest discoveries I’ve come across in a while.

[ Ninite ] VIA [ Dvice ]

  • jasonbisterfeldt

    Absolutely GREAT idea! THIS is what makes Ohgizmo my most-checked site. I'm amazed no one thought of this sooner, I've needed this for years! Thanks for being on the ball guys!

  • nenriel

    Looks like I know what my first stop will be next time I upgrade. Such a good idea.

  • nenriel

    Looks like I know what my first stop will be next time I upgrade. Such a good idea.

  • baggyklown

    Oh. My. God. That is awesome. i really can't say anything other than that.

  • Martin Murd

    Going try that out in first chance i get.

  • wikasa85

    Damn that is flepping handy…. I does cost me so much time to install them all one by one

  • mcman

    Now this I'm going to check out!

  • EspritOuvert

    A-mazing! Just going through the list, I can see a few I missed last time I wiped my laptop.

  • michaelrayl

    I'm getting ready to wipe my laptop – this will come in real handy. thanks

  • bleicher

    thats awesome :O i love this already….

  • bleicher

    this one is AWESOME :O

  • Peter Hirschberg

    Very VERY cool concept.

  • Chris Campbell

    Awesome Idea !!!! All apps in one place !!!!!

  • Rebecca Coleman

    Just wondering what other changes you would experience on your PC?

  • cephalopod

    Fuck iTunes
    Other than that, great idea.

  • cephalopod

    Fuck iTunes
    Other than that, great idea.

  • Harry Cunningham

    I take it this is just Windows being behind he curve as usual? On linux you can install whatever you want from the package manager just by checking a box anyway. Just run synaptic and there are 20000 packages ready to be installed at the click of a button. Makes this Windows offering look rather primitive by comparison.