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Concept Toaster Lets You Watch As It Does Its Work

Concept Toaster Lets You Watch As It Does Its Work


By Chris Scott Barr

Toast is one of the more simple foods to make in the kitchen. It’s arguably only more difficult than boiling water. Of course there’s no good way to know exactly when the bread has gotten to that perfect brown color. Sure, you can fiddle with that little slider or or knob, but it never really does any good. Of course this wouldn’t be such an issue if you could actually see the toast as it’s cooking.

One designer decided that they would solve the problem by using glass sides to heat the toast. This would allow you to watch it as it cooks. Unfortunately the glass won’t actually get hot enough to toast the bread (and I’m really not sure how you’d get it out of there without burning yourself). It looks like this one will permanently be in the ‘concept’ stage.

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