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Bodum Bistro Flatbed Toaster

Bodum Bistro Flatbed Toaster

Bodum Bistro Flatbed Toaster (Images courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer & Bodum)
By Andrew Liszewski

It looks like Bodum’s unofficial mission to give every kitchen a colorful makeover continues with their Bistro Flatbed Toaster. Like the company’s conventional toasters this model is available in 8 different stylish colors, but unlike their conventional toasters there’s no slots on this one, just a stainless steel flatbed cooktop that uses a 700-watt heating element to toast slot-unfriendly items like croissants, baguettes and leftover pizza slices.

There’s a simple dial allowing you to specify the level of browning, and when not in use the Flatbed Toaster can be stored on its side, freeing up counter space. They appear to be available on the Bodum UK site for about $98 after currency conversion, but it looks like Hammacher sells them as well for $89.95.

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