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DIY Project Keeps Track Of Your TV Remote

DIY Project Keeps Track Of Your TV Remote


By Chris Scott Barr

Have you ever lost your TV remote? Unless you’ve never owned such a contraption, I can almost bet you’ve answered “yes.” Finally, through our great technological advances, there is a way to prevent  ever losing your clicker. All you need to do is get a very large, heavy object (this person used what appears to be a section of a railroad track, but get creative and use your imagination here) attach a length of chain. Next you’re going to need to build a small enclosure for the remote. Attach the enclosure to the chain and voilà!

Of course you could just be one of those people that places the remote on top of the TV every time you’re done. But seriously, doesn’t walking up to the TV defeat the purpose of having a remote in the first place? I think this solution is far more practical.

[ There I Fixed It ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]