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Announcing The HP Envy 15 Giveaway Winner!

Announcing The HP Envy 15 Giveaway Winner!

random By David Ponce

The only sad thing about giveaways is that for every winner there are 300 people that are upset they didn’t win. We’re sorry folks, but there is only one laptop to go around and this time it’s lucky commenter 119, as you can see from the screenshot. This happens to be commenter “jalp”, who forlornly laments the loss of his own laptop to someone he loves dearly. We’re pretty sure this sweet piece of hardware more than makes up for whatever it is he lost.


A few notes. “Phlow”, we haven’t forgotten you and although in the name of fairness we couldn’t just outright give this to you for your years of loyal readership, our new emphasis on commenting will ensure you’ll be rewarded soon. Keep an eye out. “McMan”, we’re sorry BuckyBalls seem like somewhat of a letdown next to this, but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles, whatever that means. Same as Phlow, your presence and your comments won’t go unrewarded.

And same goes for all of you that have been taking a more active part in this community. We’ve been online for almost 5 years now and despite our substantial readership, we haven’t really built the kind of place that people would want to go to to chat and “hang out”. We’re working on it now and I’d like to thank you all for participating in this and our other giveaways. Hopefully you’ll stick around and comment even when we’re not giving stuff away.

  • Gingervitis

    Ahhhhhh, drats. Congrats on the new laptop though, waited up 'til 2:30 a.m. studying Econ for my midterm and may be one of the first to see your win.

  • Martin Murd

    My sincere (and envyous) congratulations for the winner! Too bad, that i couldn't take part from that (non-U.S.A. citizen) lottery, but i wish myself better luck next time.

    Cheers :)

  • Phlow

    You guys are the greatest! Maybe you should think about some sort of account system, where there are other ways to participate in the site besides just commenting (suggesting new gadgets, or maybe product reviews that can show up on a separate page, or some way to “favorite” gadgets and categories of gadgets you like). I think the style of the reviews and the subject matter on OhGizmo is what makes you guys stand out, so I also think its great that you're trying to build a solid community to support OhGiz and spread the word! Anyways, thanks for recognizing me, and don't worry, i don't really need a laptop anyways :)

  • Jessicat

    Congratulations to the winners! I think this really shows why I love OhGizmo so much. They really appreciate us. Thank you! I love technology and the reviews are very nice, they are to the point and interesting. I agree with Phlow, the favorite reviews idea is a good one. It gives people a chance to quickly access the reviews they want to share or reference later, or just re-read for fond memories.

    Maybe allow users to create a wishlist from the gadgets you review. Something that can go on a profile, saying “billy here wishes he had bacon jam” LOL That's the review I remember…

    Either way, good luck, I know your on the right track and I'm glad to be apart of this growing community.

  • Dyoung720

    congrats on the win jalp! there aren't too many laptops that can top this one, so have fun with it and hope to see you back here for another giveaway go.

  • jgott78

    I can't wait to wake up each morning to see the new and unique items you post each day. I especially love the iphone stuff. Great job guys…you've got me hooked.

  • ojone87

    im not upset i didnt win i think its fantastic you guys are doing this, but your a day late…

  • toant

    Congrats to Jalp. I think the giveaways are a great idea. I am one that reads all the time but I don't post. This is a good way to get others involved

  • Raj_Singh

    Hm, i would have loved to win it, but that is life sometimes. congrats bro

  • stephanieslocum

    Congratulations to the winner! It's randomly picked so sorry for the rest who joined. It's a great deal though that the site recognizes the loyal ones to be rewarded as well.. not bad either..

  • susan888

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