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Phillips Banishes Winter Blues

Phillips Banishes Winter Blues

Wake-up Light

Article courtesy of John Beck, from The Processor.

It usually only takes a few weeks of starting my daily commute long before the meager winter sun makes an appearance until I start seriously considering tossing myself under a train. Fortunately, the Phillips Wake-up Light could be just the thing to brighten up those dingy December mornings. It’s a combined bedside lamp, alarm clock and digital radio which Phillips rather boldly claims will make waking up a “pleasant experience”.

To achieve this seriously tall order, the multi-talented lamp conspires to disturb your slumbers in a more agreeable manner by gradually illuminating your room and playing a choice of 4 “natural and pleasant wake-up sounds”, which all seems simply lovely.  It’s probably worth noting that said sounds aren’t all so terribly natural however; tweeting birds and jungle noises I can deal with, but wind chimes just remind me of living next to annoying hippies, and a “relaxing beep” sounds highly oxymoronical.

Also, it’ll set you back £130. Maybe I’ll just take my chances with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

[ Phillips ]

  • nenriel

    Something like that would be much nicer than the sudden jolt from sleep a normal alarm gives you. But wow that's pricey…

  • dubzilla

    I would think that this thing would have to get really bright. I can sleep in the middle of the day. Heck i have been know to sleep in direct sunlight. and the review is right “relaxing Beep” sounds a little silly

  • mcman

    I prefer to wake up in the dark via my internal clock. Hey! That could be my superpower, Internal Clock Guy!

  • Jessicat

    I think it's funny how there a millions of gadgets to wake us up, and yet none of them are truly different or great. All expensive and no matter what a bit annoying. I think this is way to big to be practical for me. Looking at the pictures on the manufacture's site, it's just huge next to her head.

  • baggyklown

    when i read the title, i thought it was some kind of space heater. but it's just a light up clock radio?

  • cool, as long as you're not blind.

  • wikasa85

    Does these things really work ? Anyone know someone that has one ?

  • joeythenifty

    I could buy the sun itself for less than this. How can they justify the price for a dimming light with a timer?

  • Kouroth

    I wouldn't mind waking up this way but I don't get up early enough to give myself time.

  • Alarm clocks of any kind are for the weak.
    Never used one. Was never late for anyting ever.

    Can you tell I'm anal? Just a bit huh. 😛

  • Alarm clocks of any kind are for the weak.
    Never used one. Was never late for anyting ever.

    Can you tell I'm anal? Just a bit huh. 😛