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ReelDirector App Adds Surprisingly Capable Video Editing To The iPhone 3GS

ReelDirector App Adds Surprisingly Capable Video Editing To The iPhone 3GS

ReelDirector (Images courtesy Nexvio)
By Andrew Liszewski

Being able to trim clips was a nice addition to the iPhone 3GS’ video recording capabilities, but sometimes you just want to do a bit more before sending your videos off to YouTube for the world to judge them. Now before the original iPhone was released there were rumors that a stripped down version of Final Cut Pro might be secretly included, but that never came to fruition. But the ReelDirector app from Nexvio looks like a pretty decent alternative.

It lets you do everything from adding titles and credits, to editing and re-arranging clips on a timeline, to adding transitions, but what better way than a video to show you what a video editing app is really capable of?

ReelDirector is available on the App Store right now for a mere $7.99.

[ ReelDirector ] VIA [ Twitter @steverubel ]

  • ojone87

    This looks pretty cool. And for 7 bucks i would definitely give it a try. to bad i dont have an iphone. Even if i did i wouldnt do much video recording.

  • Dyoung720

    everyday it seems i see more and more reasons why i should have just upgraded to an iphone. But the drawbacks were just too abundant for me to actually buy one. price being one major factor. sigh. but i like the massive amount of apps that can be put on these phones. i guess my eternity will have to do for now.

  • facebook-19701276

    This has an impressive feature set, especially for the price. I wonder if it is as smooth on the iPhone as it is in the simulator shown on youtube.

  • Brian Lawrence

    That is pretty impressive little app there.

  • baggyklown

    cool, i need to get that

  • 8thlopez

    Damn- I really need to upgrade to a 3GS.

  • Gingervitis

    Finally my home-made family videos will be edited like a pro! And by home-made videos I mean amateur porn. And by family I mean prostitutes.

    …And also I don't have an iPhone.

  • dubzilla

    This is awesome time will tell with the reviews when people start actually using it.

  • Adam Demorest

    Its about time. My old SE w600i had these features 4 years ago. I do like the video quality on my 3gs way better though.

  • mcman

    OK, another app, big deal! Actually I'm jealous because I come up with app ideas and can't do the programming.

  • facebook-1325856103


  • facebook-1325856103